Ollio Womens Shoes Faux Suede Rhinestone Studs Ballet Flat Black YoojM

Ollio Womens Shoes Faux Suede Rhinestone Studs Ballet Flat Black YoojM
  • Synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Manmade Material
  • Studs
  • Ballet Flat
  • Heel Height: 0.1"
  • Origin: Made in China
Ollio Womens Shoes Faux Suede Rhinestone Studs Ballet Flat Black YoojM Ollio Womens Shoes Faux Suede Rhinestone Studs Ballet Flat Black YoojM Ollio Womens Shoes Faux Suede Rhinestone Studs Ballet Flat Black YoojM Ollio Womens Shoes Faux Suede Rhinestone Studs Ballet Flat Black YoojM Ollio Womens Shoes Faux Suede Rhinestone Studs Ballet Flat Black YoojM
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This intersection points feature class represents current intersections in the City of Los Angeles. Few intersection points, named pseudo nodes, are used to split the street centerline at a point that is not a true intersection at the ground level. The Mapping and Land Records Division of the Bureau of Engineering, Department of Public Works provides the most current geographic information of the public right of way. The right of way information is available on NavigateLA, a website hosted by the Bureau of Engineering, Department of Public Works. Intersection layer was created in geographical information systems (GIS) software to display intersection points. Intersection points are placed where street line features join or cross each other and where freeway off- and on-ramp line features join street line features. The intersection points layer is a feature class in the LACityCenterlineData.gdb Geodatabase dataset. The layer consists of spatial data as a point feature class and attribute data for the features. The intersection points relates to the intersection attribute table, which contains data describing the limits of the street segment, by the CL_NODE_ID field. The layer shows the location of the intersection points on map products and web mapping applications, and the Department of Transportation, LADOT, uses the intersection points in their GIS system. The intersection attributes are used in the Intersection search function on BOE's web mapping application NavigateLA. The intersection spatial data and related attribute data are maintained in the Intersection layer using Street Centerline Editing application. The City of Los Angeles Municipal code states, all public right-of-ways (roads, alleys, etc) are streets, thus all of them have intersections. List of Fields: Y: This field captures the georeferenced location along the vertical plane of the point in the data layer that is projected in Stateplane Coordinate System NAD83. For example, Y = in the record of a point, while the X = . CL_NODE_ID: This field value is entered as new point features are added to the edit layer, during Street Centerline application editing process. The values are assigned automatically and consecutively by the ArcGIS software first to the street centerline spatial data layer, then the intersections point spatial data layer, and then the intersections point attribute data during the creation of new intersection points. Each intersection identification number is a unique value. The value relates to the street centerline layer attributes, to the INT_ID_FROM and INT_ID_TO fields. One or more street centerline features intersect the intersection point feature. For example, if a street centerline segment ends at a cul-de-sac, then the point feature intersects only one street centerline segment. X: This field captures the georeferenced location along the horizontal plane of the point in the data layer that is projected in Stateplane Coordinate System NAD83. For example, X = in the record of a point, while the Y = . ASSETID: User-defined feature autonumber. USER_ID: The name of the user carrying out the edits. SHAPE: Feature geometry. LST_MODF_DT: Last modification date of the polygon feature. LAT: This field captures the Latitude in deciaml degrees units of the point in the data layer that is projected in Geographic Coordinate System GCS_North_American_1983. OBJECTID: Internal feature number. CRTN_DT: Creation date of the polygon feature. TYPE: This field captures a value for intersection point features that are psuedo nodes or outside of the City. A pseudo node, or point, does not signify a true intersection of two or more different street centerline features. The point is there to split the line feature into two segments. A pseudo node may be needed if for example, the Bureau of Street Services (BSS) has assigned different SECT_ID values for those segments. Values: • S - Feature is a pseudo node and not a true intersection. • null - Feature is an intersection point. • O - Intersection point is outside of the City of LA boundary. LON: This field captures the Longitude in deciaml degrees units of the point in the data layer that is projected in Geographic Coordinate System GCS_North_American_1983.
min: 95,967 max: 171,094 avg: 127,150.91 count: 60,885
min: 1 max: 65,824 avg: 31,314.74 count: 60,885
S (2978)
Date or Time
01/05/2006 to 05/21/2018
Date or Time
01/05/2006 to 04/26/2018
JLAM (2604), BYODER (1391), AKARLING (994), DKIM (296), RCHASTAI (287), RVIRGEN (105), AHILARIO (58)... (8 more)
FIGUEROA ST (219), WESTERN AVE (202), VERMONT AVE (200), GRAND AVE (176), VANOWEN ST (175), KITTRIDGE ST (167)... (9963 more)
BLYTHE ST at D/E (26), MARILLA ST at D/E (21), VINTAGE ST at D/E (21), BALTAR ST at D/E (19)... (50597 more)
navigatela/reports/intersection_report.cfm?pk=65823 (1)... (57730 more)

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City of Los Angeles Open Data A broad collection of information layers and datasets made available by the City of Los Angeles as Open Data.
NavigateLA | AllhqFashion Womens Closed Round Toe HighHeels Soft Material Hightop Solid Boots Brown ui3B3jwb
| | City of LA | | streets | LifeStride Womens See This Dress Pump Black K2YNCf
| PhiFA Womens Genuine Leather Moccasin Driving Flat Shoes Slipon Loafers Fashion Orange AA9fjG489
| culdesac | street centerline | freeways | transportation | infrastructure | a livable city

© Copyright 2016 City of Los Angeles. All Rights Reserved

Sloppy Joes are easy to make and keep warm in the crock pot to serve to a large crowd. They can be eaten in the yard for a summer picnic. They taste great with simple sides like raw veggies, cold watermelon or cantaloupe, cole slaw , or baked beans.

Make Sloppy Joes with any ground meat you have: beef, turkey, chicken, venison, or lamb. Eat them on buns or with tortilla chips. Or skip the carbs and eat the meat in a bed of lettuce!

Simple Summer Suppers: Sloppy Joes
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Author: Laura
Serves: 4-6

Have you seen our other Simple Summer Suppers? Here’s a running list:

Don’t miss any of our new ideas we’ve got coming! Speedo Womens Hydraterra Strap Water Shoe Grey/Blue RSPtyJ

Have you become a Simple Meals member yet? You will LOVE how simple all the recipes are, and better yet, you’ll love that we do all the planning for you!

Have you become a Simple Meals member yet?

by Laura 2 Comments

I promise not all of the Simple Summer Suppers we’re going to share have bacon in them. (At least I think I promise this. Yes. I do. I promise.) But it only made sense that this Broccoli Bacon Salad recipe follow Nike TIEMPOX GENIO II LEATHER IC mens soccershoes 81921544413 BLUE GLOW/POLARIZED BLUESOAR 8gJgw3
. Because obviously you made extra bacon when you made the BLT Wraps, right?

When one makes bacon, one should always make extra. This is not so all the people can over-eat the bacon. This is so the mother can get ahead in the kitchen. And who am I kidding? Here’s the real reason I make lots of bacon at one time:

I don’t want my hair to smell like bacon any more than is necessary.

When I make bacon my hair, clothes, and house absorb the delicious smell of bacon. But I don’t want to wear bacon hair for three days, nor do I want my house to constantly smell as if I’m burning a bacon-scented candle. (I am amused and slightly horrified that Converse Unisex Chuck Taylor All Star Ox Low Top Classic Optical White Sneakers 4 DM US XwJtQwcE

So I DailyShoes Womens Military Lace Up Buckle Combat Boots Ankle Mid Calf FoldDown Exclusive Credit Card Pocket Olive Orange Brown Pu 9BHXZC80V
, or I bake bacon in strips like this . I make many pounds at one time so I can get ahead and then I wash my hair. The end.

Now that we have the bacon cooking situation under control, we can make all kinds of delicious meals in a hurry! This Broccoli Bacon Salad is packed with flavor! Of course it’s easy to make, because easy recipes are the only kind I like to make and share.

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Special product areas / Medicines affecting the ability to drive
Updated 28 June 2018

Drugs affecting the ability to drive, what are they?

Drugs affecting the ability to drive have a sedative effect on the central nervous system, causing you to:

Most people know that alcohol and driving is a bad mix. But not as many would think that the combination of certain types of medicines and driving could be just as dangerous.

Like alcohol, "drugs affecting the ability to drive" can have a sedative effect or make you feel tipsy and could affect your judgement and your ability to react. The effect of taking these medicines is easily comparable to having a blood alcohol level, which means that it could increase the risk of accidents considerably.

Therefore, be extremely cautious if you drive or use machines while taking a medicine with a red warning triangle.

Red warning triangle tells you which drugs affect your driving ability

In Denmark, medicines that are associated with the highest risks of affecting you are labelled with a red warning triangle.

It indicates that the medicine causes drowsiness, and that it can affect the safety of work and the ability to drive.

But it is very important to be aware that there are medicines without the red warning triangle that can also affect your ability to drive safely, as we will describe below.

Drugs affecting the ability to drive – three degrees

In Denmark, the Danish Medicines Agency assesses if a drug is to be labelled with a red warning triangle to indicate that it affects the ability to drive.

The Danish Medicines Agency evaluates the medicine's effect and side effects and also considers if it is a medicine that you take yourself or if it is given by a doctor, for example as part of surgical procedures.

When the Danish Medicines Agency has finished its assessment, it decides which of the following three degrees the medicine should have.

Only those medicines that impair the ability to drive significantly are labelled with a red warning triangle

The warning triangle is used in Denmark, Norway, Finland and Iceland, so it is not an internationally used symbol.

If you buy medicine abroad, the medicine will probably carry a different warning label.

Which medicines bear the red warning triangle?

In Denmark, the following types of medicines carry the red warning triangle, but the list is not complete.

Not all drugs affecting the ability to drive have a red warning triangle

In special situations, some medicines without a red warning triangle could still affect work safety and your ability to drive.

Always read the package leaflet with the medicine. It tells you about any precautions that you should take. Think twice if the medicine you are taking in some way makes you feel impaired.


Special requirements for certain occupational groups

You should be aware that some drugs affecting the ability to drive are considered so dangerous by some industry organisations/employers or the Danish Transport Authority that you are not allowed to take them while you work, no matter that the medicine is not labelled with the read warning triangle. If you're not sure whether your medicine is affected, check this with your industry organisation.

Take a note of how you react

When you take a medicine for the first time or if you take more medicine than you normally would, be very careful about deciding to drive.

If you feel unwell, drowsy or exited shortly after you have started taking a new medicine or if you have changed the dose, the medicine may affect your ability to drive.

The effect could be short-term or might not show until after a while, but either way, it is crucial that you pay attention to how you react. Remember that we all respond differently to the same medicine!

How strong is the medicine's effect?

It depends on how much medicine you take. We cannot say for certain how you will react as people respond differently to medicine. Factors such as gender, age, weight and dose all play a part in how the medicine will effect you.

Usually, the sedative effect is strongest in the beginning of treatment and when the dose is increased.

If you take more than one medicine or take any of them with alcohol, sometimes the sedative effect will increase.

Drugs affecting the ability to drive and alcohol

If you take medicines with alcohol, the alcohol may increase the sedative effect of medicines that affect the ability to drive. The sedative effect can also increase if you take several medicines that bear the red warning triangle at the same time.

Check your medicine before you get behind the wheel

The package leaflet and summary of product characteristics describe issues with driving safely

Information about the medicine's effect on the ability to drive is included in the summaries of product characteristics and the package leaflet for all medicines. The information is most often based on the available standard sentences.

These sentences are to help the doctor and patient decide how to ensure utmost safety for the patient when using the medicine.

It is therefore always a good idea that you to read the package leaflet before you take your medicine and before you hit the road. The package leaflet also describes what side effects the medicine could give.

As mentioned earlier, some of these side effects could affect your ability to drive safely. If you have lost the package leaflet, you can always find the most recent one at indlægsseddel.dk (in Danish only).

List of drugs affecting the ability to drive

List of drugs affecting the ability to drive

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List of drugs affecting the ability to drive
+45 44 88 95 95 Danish Medicines Agency


The spark of inspiration: “Your merits should be publicly recognised. You should publish an account of the case. If you won’t, I will for you.”

The spark of inspiration:

5. William Forrester, Finding Forrester

Author bio: William Forrester won the 1954 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, and then became a recluse, staying holed up in his Bronx apartment. He only pops his head up years later to engage in this white savior narrative! The character is clearly based on J. D. Salinger— and a little John Kennedy Toole

Sage advice: “No thinking—that comes later. You write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first key to writing is to write, not to think!”

Sage advice:

4. Ezra Blazer, Asymmetry

Author bio: Basically Philip Roth, but from Pittsburgh.

On that pesky Nobel Prize: “Blazer! You were robbed!”

On that pesky Nobel Prize:

3. Jessica Fletcher, Murder, She Wrote

Author bio: A retired English teacher who can’t drive becomes a wildly successful mystery novelist—and a top notch amateur sleuth, always besting the police in figuring out the truth behind the many, many crimes in her small Maine town (the only explanation that makes sense is that . . . Jessica was a serial killer the whole time ).

Wily understatement: “Lieutenant Ames, I don’t know who or what you think I am, but I assure you, I’m simply a mystery writer from Cabot Cove, Maine.”

Wily understatement:

2. John Shade, Pale Fire

John Shade, Pale Fire

Author bio: A celebrated poet (“one oozy footprint behind Frost”) who may or may not have been recently murdered by one Charles Kinbote, annotator of his works and self-styled King of Zembla. If you need something to argue about at cocktail parties, try this: while Shade’s poem is no doubt important, and meant to be taken seriously, is it supposed to be good—or supposed to be bad? Or try this: is Shade even real, or “real”?

The first stanza of the eponymous poem:

I was the shadow of the waxwing slain By the false azure in the windowpane I was the smudge of ashen fluff–and I Lived on, flew on, in the reflected sky, And from the inside, too, I’d duplicate Myself, my lamp, an apple on a plate: Uncurtaining the night, I’d let dark glass Hang all the furniture above the grass, And how delightful when a fall of snow Covered my glimpse of lawn and reached up so As to make chair and bed exactly stand Upon that snow, out in that crystal land!

1. Benno von Archimboldi, 2666


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